About SleepGuardian

Easing Discomfort

Patients often experience pain, discomfort, anxiety, or fear during dental and medical office procedures, and this can cause patients to delay timely treatment or seek out a “deep-sleep” or “total sleep” experience. SleepGuardian pairs the spectrum of hospital anesthesia, including general anesthesia, with the personal, comfortable, and convenient office setting.

Most importantly, SleepGuardian is delivered by physician anesthesiologists. Physician anesthesiologists are medical doctors with the most comprehensive anesthesia, airway, and emergency management training. We create safety and anesthesia protocols for hospitals and outpatient surgical centers, and these skills uniquely qualify us to deliver SleepGuardian in dental and medical offices.

Eliminate pain, anxiety, or fear from your office procedure experience and find a SleepGuardian Center today!