Hospital anesthesia in the comfort of dental and medical offices.

SleepGuardian delivers an office procedure experience without pain, anxiety, and fear!

About SleepGuardian

Patients often experience pain, discomfort, anxiety, or fear during dental and medical office procedures, and this can cause patients to delay timely treatment or seek out a “deep-sleep” or “total sleep” experience. SleepGuardian pairs the spectrum of hospital anesthesia, including general anesthesia, with the personal, comfortable, and convenient office setting.

Most importantly, SleepGuardian is delivered by physician anesthesiologists. Physician anesthesiologists are medical doctors with the most comprehensive anesthesia, airway, and emergency management training. We create safety and anesthesia protocols for hospitals and outpatient surgical centers, and these skills uniquely qualify us to deliver SleepGuardian in dental and medical offices.

Eliminate pain, anxiety, or fear from your office procedure experience and find a SleepGuardian Center today!

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SleepGuardian Patient Reviews

Over 30,000 patients treated in dental and medical offices.

“I felt relaxed and safe. I spoke with them the night before, my questions were answered, and it made me very confident in their care.”


Patient Review

“I just wanted to go to sleep and not feel or hear anything during the procedure. SleepGuardian made that possible!”


Patient Review

“I once had a procedure in the hospital. I arrived early in the morning, and I stayed all day. There were people I didn’t know and that added even more anxiety to the whole experience.

Years later I needed another gynecologic procedure, and my doctor told me about SleepGuardian. It was the best experience and the best sleep! This procedure took less time in the office, and I was happy to be in a comfortable and familiar environment.”


Patient Review

“As a nurse and patient, I am so impressed with SleepGuardian. I chose the office setting because it was less expensive than having the procedure in a hospital. I fully expected to experience moderate-to-severe discomfort and pain with an office procedure, but it was the same deep sleep experience of being in a hospital. I highly recommend SleepGuardian!”


Patient Review

Doctor and Medical Professional Reviews

“With SleepGuardian, the procedure location changes from a hospital or surgical center to my office. I am able to perform the same procedure in a more personal and more convenient office setting for a fraction of the hospital cost. This reduces the expense for my patients while improving their procedure experience.”

Raymond Lackore, MD Headshot
Raymond Lackore, MD

Art & Science of ObGyn

Virginia Beach, VA

“Thanks to SleepGuardian, my patients can have full-mouth tooth replacement in one day. This is the most efficient and best experience for patients. SleepGuardian physician anesthesiologists bring hospital quality anesthesia and safety into my office.”

Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia Headshot
Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia

CascadesONE Hybrid Implant System

Sterling, VA

“We found SleepGuardian provides a better procedural result and a better anesthesia experience for our patients. A board-certified physician anesthesiologist is more qualified than a dentist to deliver anesthesia, and this enables us to focus on what we do best, which is the procedure.”

Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin & Dr. Francisco T. Carlos Headshot
Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin & Dr. Francisco T. Carlos

Northern Virginia Periodontics

Falls Church, VA