Patient Reviews

Over 30,000 patients treated in dental and medical offices.

“I felt relaxed and safe. I spoke with them the night before, my questions were answered, and it made me very confident in their care.”


Patient Review

“I just wanted to go to sleep and not feel or hear anything during the procedure. SleepGuardian made that possible!”


Patient Review

“I once had a procedure in the hospital. I arrived early in the morning, and I stayed all day. There were people I didn’t know and that added even more anxiety to the whole experience.

Years later I needed another gynecologic procedure, and my doctor told me about SleepGuardian. It was the best experience and the best sleep! This procedure took less time in the office, and I was happy to be in a comfortable and familiar environment.”


Patient Review

“As a nurse and patient, I am so impressed with SleepGuardian. I chose the office setting because it was less expensive than having the procedure in a hospital. I fully expected to experience moderate-to-severe discomfort and pain with an office procedure, but it was the same deep sleep experience of being in a hospital. I highly recommend SleepGuardian!”


Patient Review

“I’ve always had extreme anxiety and fear with the idea of surgery, so I was very hesitant when my ObGyn suggested a procedure in her office. Before my procedure I spoke with the anesthesiologist, and I was relieved to know that SleepGuardian is the same anesthesia given to patients in the hospital. He said I would not feel or even remember the procedure, and he was right. Thank you SleepGuardian!”


Patient Review

“As a child I had several teeth pulled, and I vividly remember the uncomfortable pressure and the long jaw stretching periods of time. Years later when my dentist recommended implants, my only request was to not feel, hear or see anything during the procedure. I was given SleepGuardian anesthesia and it was my best experience with any dental procedure.”


Patient Review