Physician Reviews

“With SleepGuardian, the procedure location changes from a hospital or surgical center to my office. I am able to perform the same procedure in a more personal and more convenient office setting for a fraction of the hospital cost. This reduces the expense for my patients while improving their procedure experience.”

Raymond Lackore, MD Headshot
Raymond Lackore, MD

Art & Science of ObGyn

Virginia Beach, VA

“Thanks to SleepGuardian, my patients can have full-mouth tooth replacement in one day. This is the most efficient and best experience for patients. SleepGuardian physician anesthesiologists bring hospital quality anesthesia and safety into my office.”

Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia Headshot
Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia

CascadesONE Hybrid Implant System

Sterling, VA

“We found SleepGuardian provides a better procedural result and a better anesthesia experience for our patients. A board-certified physician anesthesiologist is more qualified than a dentist to deliver anesthesia, and this enables us to focus on what we do best, which is the procedure.”

Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin & Dr. Francisco T. Carlos Headshot
Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin & Dr. Francisco T. Carlos

Northern Virginia Periodontics

Falls Church, VA

“No matter how many years have passed since you last smiled, no matter how many fears or barriers, I can offer a total sleep solution with SleepGuardian.”

Dr. Alex McMillan Headshot
Dr. Alex McMillan

McMillan Sedation Dentistry

Burke, VA

“I couldn’t be happier with my SleepGuardian experience. The ability to provide safe, hospital-quality general anesthesia in my office has positively impacted patients and the practice. SleepGuardian makes it so easy.”

Will Monacell, DDS Headshot
Will Monacell, DDS

Midlothian Family Dentistry

Midlothian, VA

“Patients prefer the option to be asleep for their procedure, and I prefer anesthesia and airway management be controlled by a board-certified physician anesthesiologist. SleepGuardian achieves both our goals.”

Adam M. Hogan, DDS Headshot
Adam M. Hogan, DDS

Implant Dentistry of Virginia

Virginia Beach, VA

“I can breathe a sigh of relief using SleepGuardian. I know board-certified physician anesthesiologists are taking excellent care of my patients, and they go above and beyond to strategically partner with my practice.”

Mathew G. Stanwix, MD Headshot
Mathew G. Stanwix, MD

Stanwix Plastic Surgery

Henrico, VA

I am extremely impressed with SleepGuardian and the quality of their anesthesiologists, which I feel are superior to what I experience in the hospital outpatient surgery department. SleepGuardian anesthesia is tailor made to the procedure I perform and the result is rapid recovery for the patient. Our patients are thrilled with the anesthesia experience and the result of their procedures. I could not be more pleased with SleepGuardian, and I hope to rapidly expand our office surgery services.”

Samuel Grimm, MD. Gynecologist Headshot
Samuel Grimm, MD. Gynecologist

Capital Women's Care - Division 38

Fulton, MD